Picture it... it's 1988


And I’m building my first website. By hand. On a brand new PC that is roughly the size of a Volkswagen. This, of course, happens after I have loaded all thirteen floppy discs that contain DOS. Do you remember DOS? Disc Operating System? You don’t? Well, I do.

I’m doing all this while dressed in my denim jacket with the HUGE shoulder pads. I really need to get finished because Dynasty is starting soon and I do love Linda Evans.

Oh look! I figured out how to animate that little airplane... It only took me three days and about 20 pages of code to figure it out but doesn’t it look cute on my homepage?

Fast forward to 2018 and ask me how much I love my Mac. And GUI and WYSIWYG and a host of other acronyms that I now use to build websites with even more bells and whistles.

And yeah, I can do this all while I’m at the beach. Okay maybe not at the beach but in a deck chair really, really close to the beach. 😎

So drop me a line if you want your website refreshed or maybe even a brand new one.

I’ll build you a fancy-schmancy website with all the latest bells and whistles.

Shoulder pads not included.

Tesia Blackburn